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The eclectic musings of a pragmatic mind
Not Dead Yet: Sharing on Google Reader (and other things) 
19th-Aug-2008 11:00 pm
byron glacier, alaska

Yes, I'm back after too long. And the sad thing is my temporary disappearance came after George Carlin's death. Notice that the AP article linked in that entry is no longer available. Not long after posting, I discovered that hosted wire service articles die a horrible death after 30 days. Grrr! That's the last time I link directly to a newswire article on Google.

In other news, I wanted to inform you that I have been linkblogging (though it's more like pageblogging) via Google Reader. You may (or may not) find my shared items interesting. But for me, it's a bit easier to do and less time consuming than writing a whole blog entry. Note that there are also now a number of important people in US politics pageblogging via Reader.

Of course, I have had another form of linkblog available for a much longer time: my delicious bookmarks. But I expect fewer people to be interested in that, because I do it more for my personal use than for sharing. But hey, if it works for you, than that's fine with me.

Lastly, if you really want to keep up to date with all of the above (including my YouTube favorites (feed)), there's my FriendFeed. But that's only for hardcore addicts.

Okay, that's enough self-advertisement for a year. As a side-note, I'm seriously thinking of dropping LiveJournal (LJ) for something else, probably Blogger. I first started with LJ back in the day, because it had a number of features I wanted that the other options didn't. Nowadays, LJ has not advanced much at all, at least with respect to what I'm interested in. LJ has been consistently developing its community-oriented features, none of which I care to use, but it has not developed actual usability improvements or enjoyable features for a solo blogger to have. On the other hand, in recent times Blogger has been drafting quite a few interesting things. So, I've pondered now and again about whether I should move. Of course, that only matters if I actually post anything. Any thoughts from the audience?

20th-Aug-2008 05:52 am (UTC) - Like you say...
it all really only matters if you post anything. I enjoy reading your posts, so I hope you continue doing so!
20th-Aug-2008 04:13 pm (UTC) - If you want easy editing...
...try Wordpress. I really dislike the way Blogger takes you to a totally different page/theme/format when you need to comment on a blog post. If the hosted Wordpress blog experience is anything like the personal Wordpress installation I'm running on my website, I'm sure it would be a nice experience. Vox and Typepad are nice-looking alternatives, but I have not tried any of those personally either.
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